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Jack Hardinges, What is a Data Trust?

A broad survey of the data literature that summarizes five different ways to think about data trusts:

  • A data trust as a repeatable framework of terms and mechanisms.

  • A data trust as a mutual organisation.

  • A data trust as a legal structure.

  • A data trust as a store of data.

  • A data trust as public oversight of data access.

Jack Hardinges, Defining a Data Trust

Special project at the ODI around how to increase access to data while retaining trust. Article revolves around four key areas when thinking about a data trust.

  • Applying the legal trust concept to data

  • The motives of a data trust can be both good and bad

  • Protecting against poor uses of data and supporting good ones

  • Piloting a data trust

Bianca Wylie and Sean McDonald, What is a Data Trust?

Sean McDonald and Keith Porcaro, The Civic Trust

Nesta Blogs

Nesta, a global innovation foundation focused on solving the big challenges of our time. The following are a few blogs around the issues of data, privacy and innovation.

"Eight smart cities that are restoring privacy and empowering citizens with data"

"Striking a balance: Data protection vs. Data Driven Innovation"


GovLab, improving people's lives by changing the way we govern

Data Collaboratives

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